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Below are some of our current client websites

Aquarist Classifieds • Aquarist Classifieds

At Aquarist Classifieds we invite fishkeepers to list any aquariums, or tropical or coldwater fish they have bred, or want to find a new home for on the website free of charge. Browse through adverts of fish and aquariums plus equipment. A website run by hobbyists for hobbyists. The site covers all main aspects of modern fishkeeping such as aquariums and equipment, koi, ponds and goldfish, general tropical fish, discus and other cichlids, including malawi and tanganyikan cichlids. An active area of the site is that for marine fish and marine inverts. All listing and viewing of ads in free of charge. If you are a hobbyist, you will also find the fishkeeping forum interesting and informative. A fish and aquarum auction interface also aids the tropical fish bargain hunter. Other resources include the comparison shopping section, a selection of recommended books, a business listing area and some great galleries. There is more on the website for you to discover.

• Aquarist Classifieds

Pets Classifieds • Pets Classifieds

The sister site to Aquarist Classifieds and created after requests by users of the parent website. Browse through hundreds of adverts for all sorts of non-fish pets including dogs, cats, horses, ginea pigs, rabbits, mice, hamsters and much more. A particularly busy aspect of the website has been the reptiles and amphibians adverts. A forum has been added on request just for the reptile and amphibians enthusiasts. The site runs on the same basis as the former, providing free advert listings and free viewing of them. The adverts section is often used for searching for and selling pedigree breeding stock. A general pets forum is on the website, along with an auction section for the bargain hunter. Finally we have the provision of an interesting gallery of pets of many types.

• Pets Classifieds